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About HWAI
About HWAI School Development
School Development
School Development
The school has endeavored to form various educational programs to create opportunities for different levels of health care study. Currently, it provides five different programs and seven departments in total to meet the needs of youths and professionals for further study and research.

A. Day-time junior college education includes:

  1. Five-year program: 5 departments with total 65 classes.
  2. Two-year junior college program: 4 departments with total 9 classes
  3. Four-year baccalaureate program: 12 departments with total 64 classes
  4. Two-year baccalaureate program: 9 departments with total 21 classes
  5. Institute of Biological Science and Technology with total 2 classes

B. Continuing Education Division

  1. Two-year junior college program: 5 departments with total 17 classes
  2. Four-year baccalaureate program: 8 departments with total 23 classes
  3. Two-year baccalaureate program: 8 departments with total 25 classes
  4. On-the-job program: 3 departments with total 8 classes
A scene in classes.