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About HWAI
Administration Research and Development
Research and Development
Office of Research and Development



The objectives of the Research and Development Office are to promote collaboraiton with academic and industrial institutions in Taiwan and abroad, to offer career counseling services and practical training for students and alumni of this university.



This office has three divisions, including: Division of Industrial-Research Collaboration, Division of Job Counseling, and Division of Student Internship


Division of Industrial-Research Collaboration

Main duty of this division is to

  1. facilitate applications of the faculty for grants or subsidies provided by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other scholastic organizations.
  2. help faculty obtain financial supports to host national and international academic activities from the Ministry of Education and the National Science council. 
  3. facilitate research programs on various types and topics and academic rewarding affairs.
  4. promote development issues on integrative researches across departments and colleges and with industrial institutions both in Taiwan and internationally.
International Cooperation


Division of Job Counseling

Main duty of this division is

  1. deal with affairs of employment.
  2. facilitate students' attitudes towards their careers and vocational ethics to develop their potentials.
  3. host activities on campus to help students strengthen their expertise.


Division of Student Internship

Main duty of this division is to

  1. arrange practical training for students.
  2. investigate student and employer satisfaction surveys about internship.
  3. promote student internship; serve as a matchmaker for students and companies , offering internship opportunities.
  4. put out the Internship Handbook to remind students dos and don’ts during internship.
  5. set up the Internship Information Site to provide information on internship
Glance at Activities


Contact Information

TEL:886-6-2692262 or 886-6-2671214 ext 330 or 331
WEB(Chinese version):http://www.hwai.edu.tw/coop/


  •  Division of Industrial-Research Collaboration

TEL: 886-6-2671214 ext. 333
Email: weng@mail.hwai.edu.tw

  •  Division of Job Counseling 

TEL: 886-6-2671214 ext. 332
Email: career1@mail.hwai.edu.tw

  • Division of Student Internship

TEL: 886-6-2671214 ext. 331
Email: yunlin1358@gmail.com