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About HWAI
Administration Continuing Education
Continuing Education
Division of Continuing Education


Founding Purpose

This Division aims to cultivate special talents for the society to the on-the-job people, who continue studying after work.

Combining the knowledge of academic fields and practices from workplace, students are expected to advance further in their productivity and attitude toward life.

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Current Programs and Departments

The Division of Continuing Education includes four-year Programs and two-year Programs.

Four-year college Programs include the Departments of Occupational Safety and Health; Safety Health and Environmental Engineering; Health Care Administration; Nursing; Food Nutrition; Early Childhood Caring and Education; Cosmetic Science; Information Management; Hospitality Management; Sports, Health and Leisure.

Two-year college Programs include the Departments of Nursing; Food Nutrition; Early Childhood Caring and Education; Health Management, Optometry.

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The Division of Continuing Education aims to cultivate the professional talents for the society, enable on-the-job people to learn further, elevate the average education level and upgrade the related industries. We look forward to combining academics with enterprises by offering the study opportunities for on-the-job people to get promotion, change jobs or simply improve their working capability.

To deal with the technological development and trends, the Division has been retaining scholars with practical experiences as lecturers, integrating academics and practices. Besides, lecturers are encouraged to conduct research in applied medical technology and development at the request of medical industry and enterprises. We will set up various R&D centers in medical technology to meet the needs of technological education and development. In short, this Division will actively improve the teaching equipment, retain better teachers to satisfy the needs of the back-to-campus adults, and combine the social pulses for cultivating more elites in the field of medical technology.



  •  Registration and Academic

 students’ registration
 academic records
 curriculum
 exams

  • Student Affairs division

 behavioral records
 attendance
 transportation
 administrative support

  • Extensive education

 on-the-job training.
 technical training courses to meet needs of the society.
 professional study plans among institutions.
 credit and non-credit courses.

Contact Information

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