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Administration Physical Education
Physical Education
Office of Physical Education
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 This school was founded in 1968 and changed to Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology in 1999. The university is not only known for training medical professionals and technicians, but also helps students to cultivate good exercise habits. The university fully supports on Physical Education including curriculum design, sports field construction, athletic teams training and a variety of sports activities.


Educational Objectives and Curriculum

  The purpose of the PE office is to help students develop basic physical strength, and give students opportunities to participate in various sports and activities. The aim of the education is for students to increase more chances to be active, and to teach them basic knowledge on sports and health. The final goal is to help students develop interests on sports, and keep this habit for life.



The PE office is an administration unit of the university, located in the same building of the Department of Sports, Health and Leisure.
There are nineteen full-time teachers in the office, including two professors, five associate professors, 10 assistant professors, one lecturer and one coach.


Equipment and facilities

The Department has 11 professional quality gym and teaching facilities for teaching and practicing sports, including:

  • Basketball field
  • Badminton court
  • Volleyball court
  • Billiard court
  • Track and field
  • GymFootball court
  • Softball Field
  • Dancing classroom
  • Archery Field
  • Flywheel Aerobic classroom


The Future Trends and Development

To fulfill the demands of professionals on health, recreation and sports and leisure-related areas, PE office is aimed to help students who are interested in managements of sports and leisure, sports nutrition, sports Biochemical technique to develop the alternative specialties.


Course Description

There are a vast variety of PE classes. The PE office has divided the classes into three different categories: 1) health oriented classes, 2) interests developing classes, and 3) practical and application classes.

The details are as follows:

  1. Health oriented classes

1) Theory and Practices on Health Fitness
2) Management on Health and Leisure
3) Theory and Practices on Fitness
4) Appreciations on Sports

  1. Interests developing classes

1) Ball: Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Billiards, Softball, Golf
2) Physical strength: Track and field, Fitness, Swimming, Flywheel Aerobic
3) Dancing: Aerobic and Yoga
4) Wushu: Taekwondo

  1. Practical and application classes

1) Fitness group class
2) Weight control class
3) Leisure and sports management class
4) Physical strengthening class
5) Leisure sports
6) Badminton advanced class
7) Water sports and Life-saving class

Contact Information

TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 290~3
WEB(Chinese version):http://www.hwai.edu.tw/per/