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About HWAI
Academic College of Medicine and Life Science
College of Medicine and Life Science
Department of Optometry



Academic Programs:

  1. Day School:4-year undergraduate,5-year junior college
  2. Part-Time Continuing Education:2-year undergraduate
  3. Master Program on Optometry


Educational Objectives and Curriculum

  • Objectives The objective of the Department of Optometry is to train professional, competent and ethical practitioners of optometry, and to promote an advanced research climate in vision science. The ultimate goal is to expand the field of optometry in Taiwan, and to enhance the quality of service in vision health and vision protection.
  • Curriculum Graduates in department of optometry must have an understanding of all aspects of eyes and visual processes. They are trained in the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, physics, pathology, medicine, and clinical optometry. The required courses of Department of Optometry include Ocular Physiology and Anatomy, Lenses Optics, Contact lenses, Facility of Spectacles, Ocular Physiology and Optics, Lens Edging and Fitting, Refraction, Spectacle-made Specialty, Visual Optics, Spectacle Optics, and Optometry.



There are twelve full-time teachers in the Department, including two professors, three associate professors, three assistant professors, three lecturers.

We have the best optometry teaching team in the region; every teacher in the department is enthusiastic about teaching.


Equipment and Facilities

The department is well equipped with numerous state-of-the-art instruments for optometric assessment and ophthalmic dispensing.

Some of the equipment are as follows: Photo Slit Lamp Zoom type, 5 Step Magnification Slit Lamp, Ophthalmometer, Noncontact Tonometer, Ophthalmometer, Burtom UV Lamp, Topography, Computerized Vision tester, Auto Chart Project, Retinoscope, Autorefractor, PhantomEye, Vision Functional examination and low Vision Training Instrument, Color test, Stereo test book (fly),Ophthalmoscope, Prism Bars, Amsler Grid, Worth 4Dot, Low vision Aids, Stereo, Non-Mydratic FundusCamera, Fixation Disparity test, Auto Lensmeter, Lens Centemeter, Auto Pattern Maker, Lens Drillinger, Auto Lens Groover, Auto Lens Edger, Pattenless Auto Lens Edger, Dial thickness Gauge, and Lens Clock.


The Future Trends and Development (Vision and Mission)

The mission of the department is (a) to strengthen the optometry industry-university cooperation; such as to organize the team teaching by inviting industry experts to enrich the school curriculum, (b) to provide the practical training courses, and (c) to arrange the paid and oversea internships.

The abundance of course design enables the department to attract more outstanding students to come to study optometry, and this can also help optometric industry find more talents to join and to create the most value of the optometric industry.


Course Description

The educational courses are supported by a professional faculty and state-of-the-art training facilities. The professional courses are inclusive in the area of optics, refraction, contact lenses, dispensing, binocular vision, low vision, and even clinical skills.

Students are expected to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and judgment, and to become fully independent ophthalmic professionals.


Career opportunities

Graduates can be optometrists in hospitals or ophthalmic dispensing technologists in optic centers , eyeglasses company or retail optic stores.

Contact Information

TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 370
WEB(Chinese version):http://www.hwai.edu.tw/opt/