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Department of Biomedicine and Healthcare



The Department of Biomedicine and Healthcare (DBH) was founded and begun to offer a five-year associate degree in the year 2015, with the idea to create a department that unites the entire laboratory research of the faculty of biomedicine, biotechnology and healthcare.

The mission of the DBH at Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology is to promote integrated research excellence in biomedical science and industry. The DBH provides a stimulating environment with state-of-the-art facilities, enabling biomedical research of the highest quality, while also training the next generation of leaders in basic and industrial research.

As the development of the international biomedical technology trend, there are several goals in the coming future:

  1. To establish the graduate school of biomedicine and healthcare. 
  2. The cooperation with the biomedical industry. 
  3. To promote the international academic integration. 
  4. To improve the class quality and long-distance learning.



Educational Objective and Characteristics

The DBH was established in 2015 as a five-year certificate undergraduate program for laboratory and biomedical industrial technologists. Due to the wide scope of biotechnology and healthcare, the DBH integrates the University’s development goals and available industrial resources to focus its education on biomedical technology, including gene therapy, protein engineering, functional food research and development, bioinformatics, etc.

The DBH enhances research capacity and educate and train students as professionals in the biomedical technology.The objective of the DBH is to train the students to meet the need of biomedical industry in Taiwan.

Thus, the Department has designed two basic abilities and two applications for students, including:

  1. Genetic engineering and protein engineering: purification and modification of enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, and the technique to scale-up the product. (Ability A) 
  2. Biochip and bioinformation application: sequence analysis and application of this tool for structural prediction, simulation and alignment. And have basic concept for the design of biochip platform. (Ability B) 
  3. Molecular medicine: studies for local transmitted disease, design for molecular medical diagnostic test. (Application A) 
  4. Chinese herbal research: the extraction and separation of Chinese herbal effective fractions. (Application B)


Departmental Required Courses

Our five-year undergraduate required courses included: microbiology (with experiments), biochemistry (with experiments), molecular biology (with experiments), cell biology, cell culture (with experiments), functional food research and development (with experiments), special lecture for biotechnology, healthcare, protein engineering, biochemical instrumental analysis, pharmaceutical science and industry, molecular gene transfer and its applications (with experiments), bioinformation (with experiments), English proficiency test, kit development for molecular research (with experiments), processing engineering and its scale-up technique, development of biochip and its applications (with experiments).




Special Faculty

There are eleven full-time and several part-time teachers in the DBH, including fifteen teachers with Ph.D. degree and four teachers with master degree. Most of them are possessed good experienced stuff in biotech companies (covering Academia Silica, biotech companies from Tainan Science-based Industrial Park, Taiyen Biotech Co., Ltd, Taiwan Sugar corporation, pharmaceutical works/drugs manufacturing company, Asiagene company, etc).

Thus, they can help students learn more special and practical skills. Above all, the DBH attempts to setup a complete and satisfactory learning environment for each student.



Future Career Paths and Perspectives

  1. Work at industrial companies related to biotechnology and biomedical or pharmaceutical sciences. 
  2. Work at academic and research institutes related to biomedicine and healthcare. 
  3. Apply for civil service exams related to biotechnology and healthcare. 
  4. Work as teachers of senior high, junior high or elementary schools after obtaining the teacher qualification. 
  5. Pursue advanced studies in graduate institutes: domestic or foreign institutes related to biomedicine and healthcare. 
  6. Attend school of post-baccalaureate medicine and school of post-baccalaureate Chinese medicine.



Contact Information

Address: 89, Wenhua 1st St., Rende Dist., Tainan, 71703, Taiwan
Tel: +886-6-2674567 ext. 421
Fax: +886-6-2675047 
Email: biotech@mail.hwai.edu.tw
Web (Chinese version): http://www.hwai.edu.tw/biomedical/pub/LIT_6.asp