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About HWAI
Academic College of Health Care and Management
College of Health Care and Management
Department of Cosmetic Science



  • In 1998, the Department of Cosmetic Science was established and started its continuing education program as well.
  • In 1999, by the fully support of the Board of Trustees and the enthusiastic impetus of the President Lin, the institution was accreditated by the Ministry of Education as a medical college.
  • In November 1999, after the inauguration of the Cosmetic and Early Childhood Caring Building, which cost 100 million dollars to build, the department moved to this new location to provide students with a better-equipped and spacious learning environment.
  • In 2000, the department began to recruit day-time two-year junior college students.
  • In 2001 and 2005, the department was accredited as A in the cosmetic departmental evaluation held by the Ministry of Education.
  • In 2003, the department began to recruit four-year and two-year baccalaureate students in both day-time and continuing education programs.


Academic Programs:

4-year undergraduate, Continuing Education Division:4-year undergraduate


Students' production


Educational Objective

The educational goals of this department are to cultivate students with skills and knowledge in cosmetic application and management.

We recognize the importance of basic medical theory instruction and aim to integrate cosmetology, medical science, nutrition and health to our current curriculum.


Educational Characteristics & Teaching Effect

The courses are designed to integrate medicine, science, management, beauty skills and art.

  • Cosmetic Dermatology: We emphasize on the instruction of fundamental theories, and at the same time integrate cosmetology with medical hygiene.
  • Cosmetic Science:We provide students with a better understanding of the effects of cosmetics on human skin. Students will not only have the abilities to judge the quality of cosmetics but also professional knowledge to evaluate its safety & efficacy.
  • Management : We reinforce students with the concepts and theories of marketing and management.
  • Beauty skills: We instruct students to gain practical skills on cosmetology and hair design and enhance their make-up and styling techniques.
  • Art courses: We cultivate students to be professionals in cosmetic as well as to develop their keen sense in art.



The facilities include of Plastic art room, Visual communication room, Modeling room , Cosmetology technique room, Body care and SPA room, Skin quality inspection room, Cosmetic formula preparation lab, Cosmetics analysis lab, Cosmetics inspection room, Microorganism inspection lab, Bioactivity evaluation lab, Cosmetic physiology lab, Functional cosmetics lab, Cosmetic formula preparation lab, Plastic art studio, Beauty design studio, Multimedia room, Art corridor, Display window.

Students' production


Departmental Required Courses

beauty hygiene, dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, nutrition science, acupuncture, pharmacology, principal of anatomy and physiology, first aid method, nutrition assessment, beauty meal, cosmetics chemistry, cosmetics preparation, cosmetics inspection, introduction of cosmetics, biochemistry , cosmetics regulations and laws, psychology, introduction to basic computer and experience, marketing management, salon management. beauty skill posturing, hair design, color cosmetics and laboratory, styling design. visual communication design, color scheme, sketch for styling design, introduction to art.


Continuing Education Opportunities

Graduates can continue further study in graduate schools in Taiwan or overseas in cosmetic, fashion design, business administration and styling or related field.


Career Prospect

The graduates may serve as beauticians, beauty consultant or stylist designer in the beauty related enterprise. Also, they may serve as cosmetics professionals in manufacturing, marketing, quality control, or safety evaluation in cosmetics company. They can also start their own salon or studio in related field.


The Future

Accommodate the goal of school to become a technology university. Enlarge an alignment with the field of dermatology and cosmetology.

Recruit faculty with assistant professor or above as our faculty. Extend and promote our teaching facilities and qualities. Encourage faculty to publish their research results on the World Wide journals.


Contact Information

TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 950,951
WEB(Chinese version):http://www.hwai.edu.tw/cosmetic/