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About HWAI
Academic College of Health Care and Management
College of Health Care and Management
Department of Sports, Health, and Leisure



The Department of Sports, Health and Leisure was first founded in 2006, and it belongs to the Faculty of Health and Management.

In response to the booming trends of leisure and tourism needed in current modern Taiwanese society, our goals are to cultivate students in professions needed in the fields of sports, health and leisure.

Our vision is to enhance a high quality life of recreation, health and wellbeing. Students graduating from this department would be qualified for the positions of sport coaches and tour guide leaders.




Educational Objectives and Curriculum

  1. The current curriculum encompasses three professional areas, and courses such as sports physiology, tourism, health promotion and management are held. The courses are modified each year.
  2. To encourage students to take various license exams in order to benefit their future career prospects.
  3. To cultivate students’ international opportunities in these fields and encourage overseas internships.
  4. To strengthen the connections between graduates and the department, promoting and expanding human resources and career possibilities for students.



Table Tennis Gym


The Department of Sports, Health and Leisure of Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology, belongs to The Faculty of Health and Management. Along with another Four departments in the same faculty, this department is well qualified with lecturers and professors with post-graduate and PhD degrees in the fields of sport, health and leisure.



Equipment and facilities

The Department has 14 professional quality gym and teaching facilities for teaching and practicing sports:

  •  Gym
  • Judo Classroom
  • Yoga/Rhythm Classroom
  • Fitness Classroom
  • Multi-functional Classroom
  • Audiovisual Classroom
  • Seminal Classroom
  • Health Care Classroom
  • Department Library Room
  • French billiards room
  • Meeting Room
  • Internship Travel Agency
  • Commentary Classroom
  • Water Activities Classroom
  • Baseball fields


Basketball Court

The Future Trends and Development

Professional and Career Prospects

  1. Our vision is to expand and strengthen our connection with public and private institutions and humane associations in order to contribute to society. There are also many career opportunities for graduates of the department, including fitness centers, holiday resorts, leisure farms, sports equipment companies, sports leagues, and travel agencies. Furthermore, graduates can take national exams in Taiwan or choose to do further study overseas.
  2. After graduation, students can expect to be highly qualified managers with sound foundations for management positions in the sports, health and leisure industries. 
  3. The DSHL will assist students to sign long-term agreements and contracts with major corporations in order to provide students with internships for work experience and job opportunities.



Course Description

To apply for a Bachelor of Science degree in DSHL, students must complete the following general requirements:

  1. Attend and pass at least of 128 credit hours with a minimum grade of 60 for each course.
  2. Fulfill 38 credit hours of the General Education course requirements, including information technology and language courses, regulated by the Ministry of Education.

The Department of Sports, Health and Leisure has designed these courses to comply with all regulations of this country and follow the standard procedures in all evaluations. 





Career Prospect

  1. To expand the range of public services and strengthen cooperation among public and private institutions, organizations and humane associations in order to contribute to society as much as possible.
  2. To develop and implement the three curriculum modules with an emphasis on practical knowledge and application. After graduation, students are expected to become highly qualified managers with sound foundations for the management of relevant sports, health and leisure industries.
  3. To set up relevant labs and to integrate theory with practice.
  4. To sign long-term agreements with major corporations in order to provide students with internships for work experience.
  5. To create an advanced research institute for the management of sports, health and leisure services.
  6. To commit to interact with international academic organization.

Contact Information

TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 297
WEB(English version):http://www.hwai.edu.tw/shl/pub/LIT_12.asp
WEB(Chinese version):http://www.hwai.edu.tw/shl/