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About HWAI
Academic College of Health Care and Management
College of Health Care and Management


Education Objectives

The college of Health and Management fosters the students with practical health care and management skills in accordance to the national environment and health care policies.

We aim to raise our students with life-time learning and information management capability to accommodate the knowledge economy era. In this College, the students are anticipated to develop their humanistic enthusiasm, life admiration, and vocational ethic with a proceeding progress.

The ultimate goals are to achieve an outstanding discipline that can advance human’s health and life quality in a physically, intellectually, and spiritually integrated way.



The College of Health and Management integrates resources from each of the departments and hope to help the departments to focus on their development and service with the perspective of health care protection and management.

Our goal is to enhance the student health care management knowledge and skills through curriculum planning and practice, and encourage the students to obtain certificates so that their professional competence can be elevated.

In accordance with the school humanity and caring motto, we enhanced our professional curriculum by establishing a “Service and Management Center for Health Industries” to provide practical training and to improve the healthcare management skills.

Through the establishment of the center, we hope to further integrate the resources at a high research level and promote academic collaborations. As a result, innovative teaching skills and excellent research accomplishments can be achieved by successful interaction in this center.

Our mission is to advance the life quality as well as internationalize the enterprises of health care, medical, cosmetic beauty care, and sport-leisure industry.

A scene in classes.


Future Development

Through the outstanding staff and facilities, the College conduct s distinguished research in health care management to provide competitive and quality services to the cosmetic science, information technology, and sport-leisure industry.

Combining the school resources with that of the community, a promising collaboration was achieved with the medical centers at the National Cheng Kung University, Chi Mei Medical center, and the other well-known health care and leisure industry.

Eventually, the College will be able to facilitate development of the community and apply the research and technologies to improve the local industry. Consequently, the College is not only beneficial to the society but also to the knowledge economy era.


Specialized Program

In order to develop the second profession for the students in the College, the College offers “Independent Study” as one of the core required courses. Furthermore, the College provides the specialized program specific to the fields of “Health Information Management”, “Health Esthetics” , “Beauty Care Management” and “Sports and Leisure Management” .

The students are encouraged to develop a second specialty and capability for practical training in order to elevate their technological and vocational quality.

Video of Introduction of Department

Department of Health Care Administration,  Department of Information Department of Health Care Administration, Department of Information Management (5.95 Mb)
Department of Cosmetic Science (2.33Mb)Department of Cosmetic Science (2.33Mb)
Department of Sports, Health, and Leisure (2.3Mb, Chinese version)


Contact Information

WEB(Chinese version):http://www.hwai.edu.tw/hcm/