Department of Health Care Administration

Department of Health Care Administration (HCA)


The Department of Health Care Administration, offers a Certificate in Health Care Management and Leadership, provides its students with a strong foundation in managerial and leadership skills, which are now in demand in all sectors of the health care field.
During school training prepares aspiring students to be a healthcare professional to function effectively in this rapidly changing field.



Admission programs
As a top-ranked private institution, the Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology, offers everything you are looking for: High-class resources on a human scale, more academic opportunities than any other university, a vibrant campus life, a location near the highway systems and the lifelong support of the Family. HCA of Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology provides two shifts of studies:

  • Day Division: Four-year program: technology, recommendation, selection, registration and placement, independent recruitments.
  • Night Division: Four-year program: registration and placement (including fresh graduate of high school), independent recruitments.


Goals of education
The programs are designed to focus on theory and practices training and activation on multi-managerial creative thinking in healthcare management, qualifications include:

  1. Humanistic caring and service virtues  
  2. Creative thinking capabilities
  3. Application capabilities of health management  


Teaching and hands-on facilities
We provide Identifying and sound facilities and resources for teaching and practicing needs:
1.Electrical classrooms + network platform: projectors, Wi-Fi, electrical white board, notebook, digital cameras
2.Features Lab (healthcare service management lab): non-intrusive health instruments including height measure, body-weight scale, blood pressure gauge, bone densitometry meters, arteriosclerosis detector, detector of channel and acupuncture points
3.Features classrooms: disease classification classroom, materials management labs, multi-media audio classrooms, seminar classrooms

As the HCA has grown to become one of the leading Health Care Administration Department, so too has the need to provide training and internship Internshipprograms to insure that the students have been trained properly.
We provide more than 20’s partner Internship institutions, majorly include teaching medical hospitals, and institutes of long-term or healthcare management for each academic year.
The internship courses are arranged with senior semesters to no gap connection of employment.

HCA of Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology with an aim to promote academic and educational development in the field of health care administration so that we encourage students to obtained certificates related fields such as, Healthcare Managers, Health Managers, Health Industry Managers, Project Managers, Medical Information Managers, Medical Information Analyst, Diseases Classification Technicians, Health Insurance Technician, Healthcare Secretary, Business Technicians, General Management Technicians

HCA faculty always smile and honor to help students to find a better job and Working health care professionals related to Physicians, clinical/allied health professionals, assistants or managers and others preparing for supervisory, managerial, or advanced-level administrative positions in the industry, such as
National Health Insurance (NHI) systems, Institutions of Health & medical administration, long-term care, and social welfare etc., Positions of Healthcare administrations, Medical Records management, Insurance claims, Medical information, Medical services marketing, Community Health, Clinic Assistant, and general business marketing and administrative positions.

Advanced studies
After graduated, students con go for study in Domestic or international Master and Doctoral programs, such as Healthcare Management, Public Health, Health Policy and Management, Management of medical institutions, business management.


To combine theoretical and practical courses, the department set s up various laboratories and of f ices in department hall.
There are two computer laboratories, material management laboratory, international disease classification laboratory, medical records laboratory, hospital administration operation laboratory, and multimedia laboratory, consul ting of f ice.

Career Opportunities
Graduates can serve as medical and healthcare affair staff, medical record management staff, medical information management staff, and health service marketing staff etc. in hospital, clinic, health administration organization long-term care institution, center of community health care and other business relative to health management.



Contact Information
Please join and contact us :
Department of Health Care Administration
Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology
no.89, Wenhua 1st Street,Rende District, Tainan, Taiwan ,R.O.C.  71703
TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 630
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