Department of Acupressure Technology

Department of Acupressure Technology

With the advent of an aging society, health care preventive medicine is the future mainstream school Acupressure technology department of health professional training in teacher education students to become professional therapists conditioning health, emphasizing the promotion of health care.
Undergraduate courses include the integration of Chinese and Western medical theory applied to folk culture conditioning, massage the entire complex, Relaxation massage professionals , emphasizing the integration of professional learning theory and clinical operations.
Undergraduate study is divided into three learning objectives spindle, namely: orthopedic reconstructive massage techniques, neurology conditioning healthcare Technology and pediatric massage techniques to learn the entire complex.

Acupressure Technology

Educational Objectives and Curriculum
Undergraduate Course content includes the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine theory, Chinese medicine and massage the entire complex to cultivate talents, emphasizes the integration of professional learning theory and clinical operations.

One professor, one associate professor, 5 assistant professors, and two lecturers. Each teacher has its exclusive domain, but also can play to their strengths.

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Equipment and Facilities
There are 4 classrooms of expertise, professional skills to train students for the research and development direction. There is one remedial massage trainee shop for the learning of practice service management. 

The Future Trends and Development (Vision and Mission)
Future undergraduate school entrance pipeline: Two-year college and other related technologies Department, such as: long-term care system, sports and leisure department of health and health MIS and the like; and future employment pipeline there: the whole complex massage techniques with disabilities, sports injuries Physiotherapists , health case management consultant and health care technology Physiotherapists conditioning and other related industries.

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Course Description
The Course is divided into three learning spindle Respectively:

  1. orthopedic conditioning healthcare technology, healthcare technology
  2. neural conditioning
  3. pediatric care technology conditioning

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