Department of Hospitality Management

Department of Hospitality Management

Introduction of the Department
The department was first found as the Department of Food and Beverage Management in 2004. In response to the rapid development of tourism industry in Taiwan, the department was renamed to the Department of Hospitality Management in 2005.

The department provides a four-year undergraduate program for a bachelor degree with the goals to prepare quality workforce for the hospitality industry.

Educational Objectives and Curriculum
Health culinary management and environmental-friendly hospitality service management are two main curriculums and training designed to prepare students for the required skills and competencies for the hospitality industry. Upon their graduation, students are expected to obtain at least two professional licenses or certificates and at least six-month of intern training at hotels and restaurants. The main objective of the department is to train our students to become industrial-welcomed employees and to have better employment opportunities upon their graduation.


There are 14 full-time faculty members in the department, including one full professor, six associate professors, five assistant Professor and two lecturers. The faculty are all enthusiastic and experienced instructors. In addition, the department invite professionals with practical experience as our part-time instructors to increase the students’ understanding of real-world operation. 

The following is a list of the department full-time faculty:
Name/ Title / Contact Information

  1. Tsen, Hsing-Chau /Professor/
  2. Lin,Shyh-Mirn/ Associate Professor/
  3. Chen, Nan-Yin /Associate Professor/
  4. Lee, Bey-Fen /Associate Professor/
  5. Lin, Yuan-Hui/ Associate Professor/
  6. Lin, Shwu-Yuann/ Associate Professor/
  7. Chen, Hsin-Hisn/ Associate Professor/
  8. Chen, Wen-Yu/ Assistant Professpr/
  9. Liu, Kuang-Liang/ Assistant Professor/
  10. Wang, Linda/ Assistant Professor/
  11. Huang, Yu-Wen / Assistant Professpr/
  12. Kuo , Ting-Wei/ Assistant Professor/
  13. Hung, Ma-Wei/ Lecturer/
  14. Hsieh, Jen-che/ Lecturer/


Equipment and Facilities
The department provides various culinary classrooms and laboratories
to train students with professional skills. Western Culinary Classroom, Baking Classroom,Beverage Classroom, Dinning & Room Service Classroom, Culinary Art Demonstration Classroom…etc. In addition, HOLAS Restaurant and HOLAS Hotel of the department provide opportunities for students to participate for business operation. Students can obtain the experiences of operating a small business during their study at school.


The Future Trends and Development ( Mission and Objectives)
The mission of the department is to train professional hospitality workforce who arewelcomed to the industry.
The objectives of the Department of Hospitality Management are to:

  1. prepare students with the knowledge of health diet and environmental sustainability of hospitality industry
  2. train professionals with food and beverage preparation skills
  3. train experts with dinning service skills and room service skills
  4. train students with the abilities to manage hotels and restaurants

Program Description
The undergraduate program is are designed for students to obtain various skills and competencies in the hospitality industry in a gradual way. In the first and second years of the study, students learn the basic theories of hospitality management, practical operation of food and beverage preparations, and general concepts and skills of hotel management. In the third and the fourth years of the study, students learn advanced courses so that students can obtain the knowledge and skills as  entry-level supervisors. In addition, internship is designed as a required course for at least six months for students to have the opportunities to work at hotels and restaurants to acquire working experiences.

The program also embraces Health Dietary Skills and Green Hospitality Service to lead the students to have positive attitudes of ecotourism, green dinning, and healthy diet.


Contact Information
TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 751
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