Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

The purpose of education at the college, besides every student’s attaining knowledge and skills, is to cultivate his/her sound personality.
The Office of Student Affairs serves for counseling every student about his or her career planning to achieve a correct prospect on life, pursue truth, and assume social responsibility.



  • To build up the new culture “Students’ Affairs for All and All for Students’ Affairs”.
  • To create a friendly campus of care, equality and respect.
  • To develop a harmonious campus to respect life and care for others.
  • To let every student happily learn, live and grow.
  • To combine teaching, disciplining and counseling to elevate every student’s life attitude and promote his/her development of integrity.
  • Through the interchange at home and abroad, to nurture every student’s concerning about the community and enlarge a wider vision to establish an idea of global village.



  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • Extracurricular Activities Division
  • Campus Life Assistance Division
  • Health Services Division
  • Student Counseling Center
  • Military Education and Student Safety Division
  • Indigenous Student Resource Center


Extracurricular Activities Division
The Office of Extracurricular Activities Section is one of the sections of the Office of Student Affairs. This section is a resource for all HWAI students. Our staffs do our best to work for students to improve the quality of campus life related to extracurricular activities. This section sponsors various programs, activities, workshops, student organizations, student employee to promote individual and group development inside and outside of campus.
The Office of Extracurricular Activities Section helps students enrich their college experience. There are more of the 70+ registered student organizations on our campus to meet students'various needs and to develop friendships and build leadership skills. The office also helps Center of Student Activities, which represents the student government, to design a series of activities and events cross each semester to serve students around campus life. The Office, located in Administration Building. Students are welcome to visit our office and are encouraged visit or schedule appointments with staffs for assistance.


Campus Life Assistance Division-Housing and Boarding Services
In order to give students proper care in university, two dormitories with a total capacity of 1,200 beds are available.
Two equipped dining halls serve the entire community of the college. Within the dining halls, there are recreation rooms, a stationery store and a convenience store to meet the needs of daily life of the students and the staffs.


Student Counseling Center-Student Counseling Services
Professional counselors are available to students for various needs such as personal growth, problems of adjustment, difficulties of interpersonal relationship and individual career planning.
Currently, the center provides students with individual counseling, group counseling, psychological testing, and various media and references. Counseling information such as books, journals, magazines, cassettes, videotapes, VCD, DVD, and a variety of e-books are given to students and staff for use.


Health Services Division-Campus health provision
Our professional staffs have taken good care of all the students’ and faculty’s entire health problems, and provided different assistance regarding health in the campus.
Besides offering knowledge about health, we also provide high quality health related services and a very health environment to promote and maintain physical and mental wellness for the whole campus community.


Military Education and Student Safety Division-Defense education and campus security services
curriculum standard, which are national security, national defense technique, theory of military affairs, battle history, study of arms, and the great sphere of military training. We not only actively collect every type of military to solidify our teaching materials, but also take students to visit defense bases during military training courses.
In addition to the charge of teaching military training, we cooperates with the Office of Student Affairs to deal with other matters as: shouldering on 24-hour-duty to help administrative affairs, visiting the student hospitalized for illness or accidents, consulting the dormitory autonomy, advocating the traffic safety and promoting the anti-drug and anti-smoking activities.
Military training office consists of 11 members, who is a director supervise 5 staffs that ranks differ form 1 colonel, 4 lieutenant colonels and 6 Campus security officers. Each member has own counseling departments that deal with students' affairs during their livehood at school.


Indigenous Student Resource Center-Support and counseling for Indigenous students
In order to develop the characteristics as a multicultural campus and for educational purposes, HWAI specially set up the "Indigenous Students Resource Center" according to the Education Act for Indigenous Peoples Article 18. What HWAI is doing are intergrating resources from inside and outside campus, appointing specific person to help out with indigenous student affairs, respecting multiculture and offering help for indigenous students' life in campus as well as aiming at cultivating more talents for the society and tribes.


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