Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is in charge of all matters related to curriculum and instruction, student registration, student records and transcripts, and guiding students at all stages from planning, implementation to supervision. Most of the transactions are carried out via the Internet.
In order to provide a top quality learning environment to all faculty and students, we have developed thorough rules and regulations for all aspects of our dealings. Because the business of the Office of Academic Affairs is essential to all faculty and students, the staffs are committed to provide the best quality service to each member of our academic community.

The leader of the office is provost. The office consists of the Registration, Curriculum Section and the Teaching Quality Section. Please refer to section IV, briefs of the staff, duties and short-term objectives of the Sections.

1.To meet the criteria applied to the best medical university in Taiwan, we are consolidating all aspects of academic affairs and enhancing the quality of our service.
2.To keep up with the policy for technical and vocational education, we are endeavoring to develop practical and specialized curriculum for every department.

Briefs of the Sections
•Registration Section
Personnel: The crew consists of one leader, eight clerks, one administrative teachers and two student workers.
Main duties:
1.Compilation of studnt status
2.Registration information
3.Compilation of freshmen data and verification of their qualification
4.Temporary suspension of schooling, dropout and resumption
5.Operation for mid-term and final exam
6.Printout and issuance of diplomas and statistics of graduates
7.or/double major fields of study and other school programs
8.Waiver of courses and credit exemption
9.Application for various certificates related to student status and
academic scores
10.Minutes of Academic Affairs Committee

•Curriculum Section
Personnel: The crew consists of one leader, three clerks, one administrative teachers and two student workers.
Main duties:
1.To coordinate information on teaching schedule, hours and classrooms.
2.To arrange classes during school semesters and the summer period.
3.Curriculum arrangement for all school systems
4.Arrangement of course venues
5.Review of instructors’ class makeup plans
6.Management of mid-semester and end-of-semester surveys regarding students’ opinions towards lectures
Short-term objectives:
1.Strengthen the e-system of information providing and courses selecting for students.

•Teaching Quality Section
Personnel:The crew consists of one leader, one administrative teacher and one project assistant.
Main duties:
1.To plan and conduct Mid-term and End-of-Term Teaching assessment surveys.
2.To execute curriculum Evaluation.
3.To research and revising the teaching quality regulations.
4.To process teaching abnormality.
5.Any other services that enhance teaching quality.
Short-term objectives:
1.To enhance the quality of teaching and learning on our campus.
2.To reinforce teaching assessment as a reference for improving teaching.
3.To execute curriculum evaluation cyclically to fit workplace requirement.

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