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Department of Pet care and grooming

Department of Pet care and  grooming
Teaching objective:
Cultivating professional pet-grooming talents with pet care knowhow.

In this department, the planned curriculum for the first- and second-year students (for either bachelor or associate bachelor degree program) includes basic professional courses, which can develop students’ well-rounded theoretical foundation.

For students in the third year (for both degree systems) or above, the professional curriculum can be divided into two diverging modes of courses: “pet grooming” and “pet caring.” Students can select either one according to their own interests. 

Courses can be categorized in three directions:

  1. Courses in pet health and care: such as Introduction to veterinary science, Introduction to canine science, Pet diseases and prevention, Pet physiology, Pet anatomy, Pet nutriology, and Pet pharmaceutics, etc.
  2. Courses in pet grooming skills: Pet grooming tools, Basic pet grooming skills, Basic pet model clipping, Pet fur-dying and hands-on learning, Advanced pet model clipping, Basic pet massage, etc.
  3. Courses in business operation and management: Introduction to pet industry, Pet management, Planning for pet marketing, Pet shop planning and operational cases.

Professional classrooms
This department will have several professional classrooms for pet grooming modeling, pet washing and bathing, visual communication, pet cosmetics dispensing, etc. These rooms will provide space for technical courses.

The faculty members consist of professional teachers in this university and senior lectures in the pet-related businesses.
Students will learn both theoretical and practical knowhow in this department.

Out-campus practicum
In order for students to experience in advance the workplace, build proper working attitude, motivate their learning interests and start to plan their career in the future, we encourage students to practice in businesses and apply what they have learned on campus to the real fields.
Students are scheduled to conduct practicum for a whole semester in their senior year at pet-related industries in Taiwan and abroad, displaying what they have learned in real situations.
Hopefully they can smoothly enter desired enterprises after graduation.

When the program is completed, students can attend tests for the following licenses: Pet grooming C-class technician by Ministry of Labor (MOL), KCT & TGA pet groomer (C-class and B-class), Mainland pet groomer(basic and intermediate levels), pet care-giver, handler licenses in PDA, TKA, KCT.

Opportunities in the future 

  1. After graduation , students could work as assistant pet groomer, pet groomer and employees at hypermarkets of pet supplies.
  2. After graduation, students could work as veterinarian assistant, pet care-giver, pet trainer, and handler, etc.

Contact Information
Please join and contact us :
Department of Pet care and  grooming 
Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology
no.89, Wenhua 1st Street,Rende District, Tainan, Taiwan ,R.O.C.  71703
TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 951、958
WEB(Chinese version):https://petgrooming.hwai.edu.tw/


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