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Department of Digital Desgin and Information Management

Department of Information Management in Chung Hwa of Medical Technology let students into a school feel that they are a member of the school is part of Information Management.
Department of the teacher to students is different from the previous concern and love, not only so that students feel the gentle , but also allow students to concentrate on the Department of Planning courses toward three directions license acquisition and skill learning .


Admission programs
As a top-ranked private institution, the Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology offers everything you are looking for: High-class resources on a human scale, more academic opportunities than any other university, a vibrant campus life, a location near the highway systems and the lifelong support of the Family.
HCA of Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology provides two shifts of studies:

  • Day Division: Four-year program: technology, recommendation, selection, registration and placement, independent recruitments.
  • Night Division: Four-year program: registration and placement (including fresh graduate of high school), independent recruitments.

Admission programs​​​​​​​

Goals of education
Cultivate with expertise and pragmatic attitude and ability to operate in practice, grassroots talent.

Core Competence Project
Administrative capacity , data and problem analysis capabilities , IT capability

  • Programming capability , the ability of health care systems development , systems analysis and design capability.
  • E-commerce management, website development and design expertise , multimedia production capacity.

Day School Curriculums
Continuing Education Division


Teaching Features
Students will learn the skills to take advantage of Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology Characteristics - health - as the theme, showing a thematic approach , "3D animated film production ", "3D printing technology works ," and " e-commerce mobile devices finished " this highlights the three directions characteristic of department of Digital Design and Information Management at Chung Hwa University, for students after graduation was pregnant with multiple skills , no trouble finding a job , to find a better job than others.

Teaching Features

Teaching and hands-on facilities

  1. Space equipment : Two LCD screen computer classrooms , Two license certification exam, Tree Maler 3D Mania , 3D Digital Features classrooms , Licenses counseling centers , Special classrooms and other production.
  2. Equipment : 3D printer , 3D animation design software , electronic mall system , ERP, APP design software and other equipment.


Former graduates are related to the medical information industry internship and graduate students are: general service staff manufacturing, health care management, e-commerce and other electronic related fields of work .

Department of digital design and information management can be divided into three groups to obtain licenses: Basic license, database and application design and system programming and management.
Students in department of digital design and information management before graduation can achieve an average of six or more international license.

Public and private enterprise information centers, academic research institutions, medical institutions of the systems management division, programmers, network engineers, systems analysts , 3D image processing division , multimedia designers, electronics store programming cum- management division.


Advanced studies
Advanced studies
After graduated, students con go for study in Domestic or international Master and Doctoral programs, such as Healthcare Management, Public Health, Health Policy and Management, Management of medical institutions, business management.


Contact Information
TEL:886-6-2671214 ext 551
WEB(Chinese version):https://ddim.hwai.edu.tw/
Please join and contact us:
Department of Digital Desgin and Information Management
Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology no.89, Wenhua 1st Street, Rende District, Tainan, Taiwan ,R.O.C.  71703

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