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General Affairs

General Affairs

Office of General Affairs

The General Affairs Department is responsible for a wide range of affairs on campus. During the past thirty years, it has been dedicated to provide services and support academic, student affairs, and every administrative unit. The staffs work hard on promoting the development of educational affairs in accordance with the projects and budget of the college. They successfully play the role as backups and coordinators to accomplish their task properly.
Future Goals
At present, the main task of the General Affairs Department is to look for appropriate school to establish new branch campus. Other tasks, entirely automatic management system and the green audit of campus, are proceeding continuously. All members will try their best to achieve these goals and to create an effective learning environment.


Currently, there are one main director in charge of this department and six subsections with one supervisor of each carrying out his or her duties.

  • Document and Archives Section
    This section is in charge of receiving, dispatching, filing and recording all documents and school conferences. Automatic document management and process will be completely developed in the near future.
  • General Service Section
    This section takes over the arrangement of supplies for every administrative unit. Also, General Service Section purchases and examines instruments for each department and deals with other affairs concerned with supplies.
  • Construction and Maintenance Section
    Besides communication system, firefighting, and campus safety, this section is responsible for campus constructions, examination of the schooling buildings, and maintaining the supply of water and electricity.
  • Teller Section
    This section is engaged in bookkeeping and all kinds of receipts and payments in cash and checks, including other accounting related affairs as well.
  • Storage Section
    The duties of this section embrace not only checking and examining general properties of each office, but also storage management and the affairs of college system.
  • Environmental Safety Section
    The responsibilities of this section are to manage and protect the safety of laboratories, to dispose of sewage, and to handle other environmental related affairs, such as public sanitation, on campus.


Contact Information
TEL:886-6-2674567 ext 260
WEB(Chinese version):http://affair.hwai.edu.tw/

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