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Contact Us

  • Address : No.89, Wenhua 1st St., Rende Dist., Tainan City 71703, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • TEL : 886-6-2671214 or 886-6-2674567
  • mail : yehmengfeng@mail.hwai.edu.tw

    English version of the roadmap

How to get to HWAI

  • By car:
  • From Rende Interchange:After getting off the Chung Shan Freeway at Rende Interchange, go along Jhongshan Road in the direction of Tainan City. Turn left at Jhongshan Road and Wunhua Road. Go along Wunhua Road to Wunhua First Street and turn left again, and then you will see HWAI in front of you.
  • From Tainan City:Go southbound along Chongshan Road, which is in the eastern district of Tainan City and is renamed Min-An Road when you go across the boundary of Tainan County, to Min-an Road. Go past Wunhua Road and turn left right away at Min-An Road and Wunhua First Street and you will arrive at HWAI soon.
  • By bus:Take the Snnew Bus in the city in the Kwan-Miao line. Get off at Chin Foung Chuang. Then you can walk or take a taxi along Wunhua Road to HWAI. Or take the Snnew Bus in the line of Chang Jung University and get off at HWAI.