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The Office of Academic Affairs is in charge of all matters related to curriculum and instruction, student registration, student records and transcripts, and guiding students at all stages from planning, implementation to supervision. 

The purpose of education at the college, besides every student’s attaining knowledge and skills, is to cultivate his/her sound personality.
The missions of the Research and Development Office are to promote collaboraiton with academic and industrial institutions in Taiwan and abroad, to offer career counseling services and to equip students and alumni with skills by practical training to meet the demands of a wide array of professions.
The General Affairs Department is responsible for a wide range of affairs on campus. During the past thirty years, it has been dedicated to provide services and support academic, student affairs, and every administrative unit.
The missions of the International and Cross-strait Affairs Office are to broaden the international outlook and research scope of our students and faculty, actively promotes international academic collaborations, coordinates contracts, and strategic alliances with foreign academic institutions.
The Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology Library was founded in 1972. Our library which supports teaching, aids the spread of knowledge and the glory of Chinese culture, plays an important role in providing various resources and services to the teachers and students in our college.
The university supports Physical Education including curriculum design, sports field construction,athletes training and a variety of physical exercise.