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Campus Map


  • A : West Teaching Building.  2F: Experimental Center, Health Center, Service Learning Center 3F: Student Counseling Center, Division of Health Services.
  • B : East Teaching Building. 1F - 4F:Teaching Classrooms.
  • C : Laboratory Building 1F: Teaching Laboratories and Co-op convenience store.
  • D : Administration Building 1F:Office of General Affairs, General Service, Document and Archives Section, Storage Section, Office if Student Affairs, Extracurricular Activities Division, Campus Life Assistance Division, Office of Military Education. 2F: Student Activity Office, Committee of Gender Equity, Student Affair Creative Center, Teller Section, Center for Environmental Protection & Safety and Health.
  • D1: Optometry Dept. Building 2F:Department of Optometry.
  • E : Children's Protection / Cosmetics Dept. Building 1F: The Affiliated Kindergarten, Functional and Healthy Products Researching Center. 3F: Department of Early Childhood Caring and Education. 5F: General Education Center. 6F: Department of Cosmetic Science.
  • F : Library B1: Auditorium. 1F: The First Conference Room. 2F:Art Center. 3F - 7F:Library.
  • F1 : Medical Technology Dept. Building 1F: Office of Research and Development, Education Division , Working Guidance Division, Industry and Academia, Collaboration Division, Research Development Division. 3F: Department of Medical Technology, Graduate Institute of Biological Science and Technology. 7F: College of Medicine and Life Science
  • F2 : Biological Science and Technology Dept. Building 2F: The Core Facility for Protein. 3F: Department of Biological Science and Technology, Graduate of Biomedical Science.
  • F3 : Occupational Safety and Health Dept. Building 3F: Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Graduate Institute of Biosafety. 5F: Water Enviromment Protection Center.
  • F4 : Safety Health and Environment Dept. Building 3F: Department of Safety Health and Environmental Engineering.
  • G : Food Nutrition Dept. Building 2F:: Department of Nutrition (Nutrition Division), Nutrition Industry Center.
  • H : Student Activity Center. B1: Cafeteria and Co-op Convenience Store. 1F-5F: 1st Student Dormitory.
  • I : Food Training Building.1F-5F: Food Manufactory Laboratories
  • J : Technology and Teaching Building. B1-B2: 1st Gymnasium. 1F:Division of Curriculum and Instruction, Division of Registration. 2F: President Office, Board Chairman Office of Accouting, Chief Secretary Office of Academic Affairs, Personnel Office, English Salf-Acess Center. 3F: Center For Teaching Excellence. 4F: Computer and Network Center. 6F:Department of Information Management. 8F: Dean Office of College of Health and anagement, Department of Health Administration. 9F:Department of Nursing.
  • K : Min Sheng Technology Building. 1F: Division of Continuing Education, Division of Registration. 2F: Director Office of Continuing. 7F: Department of Food Nutrition (Food Technology division), Department of Health Care Administration. 9F: Department of and Hospitality Management.
  • L : 2nd Gymnasium. 1F: Department of Sport, Health and Leisure, Office of Physical Education.
  • M : 2nd Student Dormitory.