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College of Nursing

College of Nursing


Nursing college originally from the department of Nursing was established in 1968. The colleges in our university were re-organized and Nursing college was established in 2018. This college includes five departments, department of Nursing, department of Long Term Care and Management, department of Health Care Administration, department of Acupressure Technology and department of Information Management. The common goals in all departments are: medical care, health service and social responsibility.

Education Objectives
In accordance to the national medical and biotechnological developmental policies as well following our university educational objectives, Nursing college fosters the students with practical technology of health care and health promotion. We aim to educate and equip students with four abilities:

  1. Caring and discipline: students are trained to develop the humanistic enthusiasm, life admiration, vocational ethics and social responsibility.
  2. Information management and problem solving: students are anticipated to develop the ability of critical thinking and resolve problems.
  3. Creation and Innovation: students are expected to develop characteristics for inter-disciplinary life-time learning.
  4. Team incorporation: students are encouraged to incorporate with others well and continue learning to improve humans’ health and life quality in integrated ways.

Education Objectives   Education Objectives

Healthcare information technology education center (Nursing college)

OSCE center    OSCE center

OSCE center (Department of Nursing)

AI simulation Ward   AI simulation Ward

AI simulation Ward (Department of Nursing)

Training classroom for welfare with bathing   Training classroom for welfare with bathing

Training classroom for welfare with bathing (Department of Long Term Care and Management)

Classroom for long-term care skill practice

Classroom for long-term care skill practice (Department of Long Term Care and Management)

Remedial Massage Trainee shop   Remedial Massage Trainee shop

Remedial Massage Trainee shop(Department of Acupressure Technology)

Problem Based Learning classroom

Problem Based Learning classroom (Department of Health Care Administration)

The Nursing college integrates belonged departments and supports them to develop individual features with perspective of Nursing. In accordance with four mottos of our university: humanity, caring, health, and service, we enhance our professional curriculum by establishing distinguishing featured classrooms, professional laboratories and internship stores. Based on these specialized curriculum arrangement, we provide an excellent environment for students’ practical training. The centers and internship stores established in Nursing college include: Healthcare information technology education center (Nursing college), OSCE center (Department of Nursing), AI simulation Ward (Department of Nursing), Training classroom for welfare with bathing, Classroom for long-term care skill practice (Department of Long Term Care and Management), Remedial Massage Trainee shop (Department of Acupressure Technology) and Problem Based Learning classroom (Department of Health Care Administration).

Future Development
Four features are set up for students’ future development:

  1. Practical Training: Based on the requirement of talent in certain specialty, such as nursing, long term care, all the courses are designed to strengthen the practical technique of students. No gap will be left between learning in school and job in company.
  2. Inter-disciplinary integration: The resources including the faculty and equipment in each department are inventory and shared with each other’s. Students in Nursing college are required to take the courses regarding to the AI Healthcare, software application, etc in our college. Furthermore, students are encouraged to take the AI program of healthcare information technology.
  3. Community care: The courses are designed to lead the students to the community. Based on the requirement of each community, we provided the professional assistance for inhabitants in different community. The healthcare platform we set up in school were explored to the nearby communities, such as Ran-Der, Gui-Ren, Guan-Miao, and Longci Districts. A personalized healthcare management were applied to inhabitants in these areas.
  4. International interaction: In addition, several courses are designed to enhance the English ability and to equip the students with interaction skills. To explore the vision of students, they are encouraged to apply for the abroad practicing program. We offers several opportunities for students to apply for the training courses in United States, Japan, and Mainland China, etc. 

Specialized Program
In order to develop a second profession for students, the college offers double program curriculum (double major/major and minor). Students are able to obtain two Bachelor degrees at the same time. In addition, the college also offer students to apply for the inter-department or inter-college curriculum. On the basis of these specialized programs, students are able to develop a second capability in a different specialty.