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College of Medical Technology

College of Medical Technology


Education Objectives
The college of Medical Technology trains students with practical medical technology and research skills in accordance with the national medical and biotechnological developmental policies. We equip our students with lifetime learning and information management capabilities and prepare them for the globalized knowledge economy era. In the College of Medical Technology, our students will develop their enthusiasm for humanity, admiration for life and vocational ethics. The ultimate goal is to achieve an outstanding discipline that can advance humanity's health and quality of life in a physically, intellectually, and spiritually integrated way.
     Speech and Language Therapy Center

The College of Medical Technology fully integrates and supports its departments to continue evolving along with developments in medicine and life science. Our educational goal is to strengthen our students with up-to-date medical knowledge and skills through curriculum planning and practice. In addition, we also encourage students to obtain professional certificates to enhance their professional competence. In accordance with the College mission statement of "Health Promotion", "Biotechnology", "Industrial Upgrading", and "Globalization", we enhanced our professional curriculum by establishing specialized classrooms, professional laboratories and internship partnerships.  We provide practical training to improve our students’ medical and research skills. In addition, the three year instruction period and one year practicum program makes our students more competitive in their future careers. 


The Optometry Intelligent Detection and Reality Teaching Center


Future Development
We have established the Speech and Language Therapy Center, the Optometry Intelligent Detection and Reality Teaching Center, and the Clinical Toxicology Analysis Center based on the college’s development principles. According to the National Policies of Higher Education, we integrate our medical related departments to meet the needs of related industries, gain insight into current issues, and cooperate with medical institutions, government-related agencies, private enterprises, and even foreign technical cooperation units to enhance the strength and environment of high-quality teaching. With up to 100 million dollars of specialized equipment and laboratories from the Ministry of Education, we focus on specialized and creative teaching as the basis of our health industry education methodology. Based on these interdepartmental practical courses and modularized industrial courses, our students are guided to integrate knowledge in different fields that cultivate their professional abilities in innovative research and development. We also encourage teachers and students in the college to study abroad in order to explore international diversity and increase their cultural perspective. The college performs social services and volunteers at   clinics around the island every year. Through these activities students not only help society, but also cultivate their specialized industrial technical talents. We integrate creative teaching, innovative research and development, and entrepreneurship training teaching techniques to provide the best environment for tutoring students in innovation and entrepreneurship, to enhance their entrepreneurial education and strengthen international exchanges.
The innovative research group will focus on the studies of medical technology and biomedical research in our well-equipped professional laboratories. Eventually, the founding of a business and incubation group will make students well recognized in related industry fields. Therefore, strengthening the collaboration between practical and academic institutions is a top priority for our future development goals. We will promote the collaboration between industrial and academic institutions and further strengthen their level of integration.


Clinical Toxicology Analysis Center


Research Results
During recent years, we have carried out 192 projects, published 159 papers and gained 101 awards which demonstrate the resourceful potential of our college.


Established Collaborations and Internship Opportunities
The College collaborates with many medical care centers and academic institutions such as Cheng-Kung Medical Center, Chi Mei Medical Center, National Cheng Kung University, Kaohsiung Medical University and several others. We also have strong partnerships with optometry practice centers, GMP-like pharmaceutical factories, and pet care hotels, which all provide internship opportunities for students. As a result of integrating all these resources, students from the College of Medical Technology are well trained in medical technology and research skills which will pave the way for their future success. 

Optometry Practice Center

 Specialized Program
The college offers a double program curriculum, such as a double major or a major and a minor, to develop students’ second professions. Students can gain two Bachelor degrees simultaneously. In addition, the college also accepts the application of inter-department or inter-college curriculum. Through this double program curriculum, students can obtain a second specialty for practical training and expand their interdisciplinary field of knowledge. These specialized programs meet the goal of elevating our students’ technological and vocational quality.

Pet care internship hotel