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College of Human Life Science

College of Human Life Science 

College of Human Life Science (CHLS) consists of six departments and one graduate institute: Departments of Early Childhood Caring and Education, Food Nutrition, Safety Health and Environmental Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health (with Graduate Institute), Hospitality Management, and Sports Health and Leisure.


Educational Objectives and Curriculum
The educational objectives of CHLS emphasized student achievements in the perspectives of “Humanity, Health, Creativity, and Service.” 
The CHLS curriculum programs focus on achieving scientific and technological improvement on our society and creating influence on the human life. The curriculum is particularly designed in producing partnership between educational and business organization, so that job opportunities are always available to our under- and post-graduates.
The core professionals in the college cover the area of occupational safety and health maintenance, environmental pollution control, nutrient health technology, early childhood educations, and leisure business including hospitality and sports. 
The faculties in the College regularly develop plans and conduct research projects to educate students in their professional field. Numerous funding sources from the government including the Ministry of Technology, Environmental Protection Agency, and Agricultural and Food Agency are granted to the faculties every year.
In brief, as a life circle, started from the early childhood, only a safe and healthy indoors and outdoors environment, reliable food provision, and leisure options can achieve happiness of human life.   As a result, the major educational training to the students include health technology, innovatory learning, and industrial practical training. 
The vision of the College is to promote the concept of “Prevention is better than cure.” When the students complete the education in the CHLS college can pursue success in Whole Person Wellness by themselves and achieve the welfare in the society.


Video of Introduction of Department
Department of Food Nutrition, Department of Food Science and Technology (3.42Mb)

Department of Early Childhood Caring and Education (2.75Mb)

Department of Occupation Safety and Healthy, Department of Safety Health and Environment (2.09Mb)

Department of Restaurant and Hospitality Management (6.71Mb)