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General Education Center

General Education Center

General Education Center (GEC) is aimed to integrate this university’s educational objectives and carry out the general education which is utility and pragmatism-oriented.

Besides emphasizing the liberal art courses valuing humanity and professional ethics, we also offer various learning-by-serving experiences and stress the cultivation of innovative abilities. Students are expected to be able to start their own businesses and be professionals in medical and heath fields.

Currently under GEC are three subordinating units: self-access learning center and arts center.

Educational objectives and curriculum

  1. Nurturing students’ professional knowledge and skills in humanity and core citizen capacity.
  2. Cultivating students’ abilities in independent thinking, problem solving and self-reflecting.
  3. Enhancing students’ communicative and coordinating abilities toward themselves, people, and the society
  4. Cultivating students’ positive, life-loving and self-fulfilling attitude.
  5. Improving students’ abilities in native and foreign languages, promoting their innovative and business-starting capabilities.

General Education Center is led by the Director, with one section (center) head, two staff members, several part-time teachers and assistants.

Equipment and Facilities
Currently GEC has OA equipment like a big poster output machine, a photocopy machine, computers, laptops, a projector, and one multi-function classroom.

The future trends and development

  1. Continuing strengthening the examination and promotion on students’ English abilities, improving their applying abilities in workplace English.
  2. Valuing teacher-student innovative, business-starting concepts and abilities. Relevant learning bases and feature classrooms will be established.
  3. Matching the Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence in this university, we encourage teachers to apply for Ministries’ subsidies in general education programs.
  4. Strengthening teachers’ professional development, conducting measures to award the good and improve the bad in terms of teaching performances.

Course description
The overall framework of general education curriculum involves three patterns: formal, informal, and potential courses. Through the three patterns of courses, students are expected to develop the eight abilities, establish basic academic discipline, and build the learning attitude of perpetually pursuing self-growth, which are our ultimate educational aims. Following is a chart showing the relation between the three patterns and the eight core abilities in general education.

Chart of relations between course patterns in GEC and GE ability indicators

Course pattern Course objective/ability indicator
Formal courses Students will be equipped with the abilities to express and integrate what they have learned, strengthen the foundation for life-long learning, broaden their horizons, and improve their knowledge in humanity, society, and nature.
Informal courses Students will develop interests in knowledge, building appropriate learning attitudes toward behaving, organizing, conversing, and interacting.
Students will be confident, active, creative and innovative, loving to serve and care people around them.

The formal courses in this university’s general education programs include core and classified courses. The core courses contain the common required subjects, such as Chinese, English, military science, physical education, literature, history, philosophy, and natural science. Classified courses are selected, containing four domains: liberal arts, social studies, natural science and life science, which offer 8 credits altogether.

The Administration of the General Education Center’s Subordinating Units

  • Introduction to the English Self-Access Center

The center provides all the faculty and students with a rich-in-resource environment for learning English, installs computers and multimedia teaching materials and offers a variety of English books and magazines to let students study by themselves in their spare time for improving the ability in the foreign language.

  • Introduction to the Art Center

The center aims at introducing art into campus, combines humanity, science & technology, art and life, and elevates all the faculty and students’ basic attainment of humanity and art through arranging exhibitions and performing activities to meet the college-establishing idea “humanism, health, recreation and service”.

Contact Information

Contact Telephone:
General Education Center 886-6-2674567 ext 350,351)
English Self-Acess Center 886-6-2674567 ext 352)
WEB(Chinese version):  https://gec.hwai.edu.tw/